Davidelfin SS12 at Madrid Fashion Week

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Davidelfin

I’ve been writing about Spain this week, which seems kinda fitting, given the weather.

I interviewed Sophie Cranston, head honcho at Libelula (it’s Spanish for dragonfly, innit) about the influence Spain/Spanish couture has had on her (she lived in España for five years), and it whetted my fact-finding appetite.

I’ll admit, I don’t know nuffink much about Spanish design, so what a pleasant surprise to discover the bostin’ delights of Davidelfin, who showed at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week this month.

Compared to the relative tameness of LFW, I think the Spanish label’s colour-pop-heavy take on tailoring might be just the thing for an early spring outing…

¡Qué bonita!

Charms and stripes
Odd shoes, good collars
Absolutely love the shape of the skirt
The vibrant colours scream “Spain!”
Uber funky – and a tad sporty
I like a touch of patchwork…a la Elmer

Written by Johanna Payton