My new London Retro & Vera Wang glasses – plus Susie Bubble

Oh, how confident I was, dawdling into Specsavers for an eye test, five years after my last examination. “My eyesight is perfect,” I told the optician quite confidently (you might even say cockily) and explained that I was only there because I had a voucher for Glasses Direct and thought I might as well double check if hour upon hour at the PC was finally taking any kind of toll.

Of course it was.

Glasses were indeed needed and I indulged myself in two pairs.

The first style I just LOVE. They’re the Shoreditch design by London Retro and they is big and they is bold. Can I get away with them?? I think so, but you decide…

Vera Wang is responsible for the second pair. Similar theme (I like dark frames, me), but I think these are a tad more subtle…if a little school ma’am-ish. Do they make me look clever/sultry/mean/stupid???

In other news, this morn, I had the pleasure of interviewing Susie Lau – the brains behind Style Bubble. She’s taking part in a very exciting project that I’m involved with on a journalistic tip; I’ll link to the piece when it’s live.

It was the crack of dawn in NYC, where Susie is currently based for New York Fashion Week, but we had a lovely chat in spite of Susie’s jetlag. Was great to know for sure that such a straightforward (not to mention influencial) fashion blogger is as down-to-earth and friendly as her blog would suggest.

Seemingly, I can’t get away from Susie today (not that I’d want to of course) ‘cos she is also playing a starring role at the Topshop website. There’s an interview with the lady herself and she’s also taken over Topshop’s Edited section, picking out some truly gorge pieces for the old autumn/winter wardrobe.

Think the tassel platform loafers may be my highlight.

Written by Johanna Payton