Vintage shopping in Leeds Leeds Leeds

Ah, it’s been a weekend of nostalgia in more ways than one. I’m back on my old stomping ground (Yorkshire) and yesterday I had a quick but immensely satisfying vintage shop in the centre of Leeds (also, centre of the universe).

Not only do they have a stunning array of vintage goodies up here, they are also giving it away. For the princely sum of £50 I got two amazing dresses, two blouses, a chain and a scarf, from two very different vintage stores.

Most of the haul came from the Corn Exchange, where I used to regularly prowl around for outfits circa 1994 (yes, I know) when I was at uni in Huddersfield. I was into clubbing (!) in those days and bought plenty of shiny, silky dresses from one of the boutiques that no longer exists. With my vintage-hunter head on, I was chuffed to discover that it has been replaced (and usurped) by Mad Elizabeth (named after a Cribbs song), a beautifully-presented treasure trove of second hand loveliness.

There’s a huge range of clothes here, all beautifully presented
I had a right old rummage in the scarf box
The girls who run the store have a fine eye for stylish accessories
I could have happily bought every single one of these pendants
Hot vintage boots
The kitsch touches make shopping at Mad Elizabeth lots of fun
Here’s co-owner Claire, hard at work behind the (boootiful!) cash desk
Emerald colour pop 70s-style – just one of the bargain pieces I *had* to buy
If you find yourself in Leeds, you must check it out
And just across the road, on Dock Street, I also had a more chaotic experience at a vintage store with a ‘no frills’ approach (the carrier bags carry the message ‘it’s not vintage, stupid – it’s second hand’). This was old-skool-Northern, second hand shopping (get ready for a dusty rummage), but in the on-trend Leeds stylee, you’ll find the label Redneck Clothing here, a unique collection of reworked vintage.
You have to dig for treasure here
Leeds lasses search the rails
So many retro delights
And if you prefer reworked vintage, check out the Redneck label boys ‘n’ girls

Written by Johanna Payton