A dress for Radio 1 Xtra? And a mission.

OK, so it’s radio, no one will actually see me but I’m scheduled to be interviewed on Radio 1 Xtra later this week and wanted a suitable dress for the occasion…
What do you think of the frock above? I’ve ordered it, so don’t tell me you hate it, OK?

In other news, I’m on a mission to find out where singer/songwriter Sophie Barker (she was in Zero 7, you know) bought the very lovely navy animal print dress she was wearing on BBC Breakfast this morning. She was dead well styled with contrast red boots, belt and ring. I’m on the case and will let you know (they don’t call me Fashion Detective for nowt).

And talking of BBC Brekkie, I was in country heaven this morning when Lady Antebellum popped onto the sofa (!) with Sian. Believe me friends, if you liked line dancing (and I know I’m possibly the only fashion blogger who does) you would be loving them – and their neat beards.

(Fans of the band who haven’t already bought Own the Night should know there is a v lush unplugged version of Need You Now at the end of the album.)

Written by Johanna Payton