A good day to discover Springfield

It’s been a busy day, man. Crazy busy. I’ll tell you all about the protests, the high tides, the fake gorillas and the flat shoes another time.

But for now, let me fill you in with regards to a new (to me, anyway) shop I discovered whilst celebrating the first birthday of the very swanky One New Change

Ever heard of Springfield? I thought it was a mental health hospital in Tooting (and the home of Homer Simpson), but it’s also a Spanish brand with a store in The City. And it has some pretty tasty pieces for boys and girls.

I was loving the horse print cardi, striped dress and peasant dress. All affordable, wearable for autumn/winter and rather funky. The pics don’t really do the clothes justice, so I’d suggest you check out the store for yourselves next time you’re pitching your tent at St. Paul’s…

Images from Springfield

Written by Johanna Payton