Caggie Dunlop’s two finger ring and hand chain, October 10th

Don’t ever let it be said that the Fashion Detective does not give you what you want. It seems that the wears and tears of our fave constructed reality stars are keeping y’all entertained. So here’s another little Made in Chelsea tip-off if you want to steal their style.

Last night, I was watching this scene v closely because I’d been asked to find out where the lush knitted coat Caggie was wearing, when she went to meet Rosie (naughty, naughty Rosie, surely?), was from. I’m investigating that as we speak – but here’s a gorgeous lookalike by the world’s bestest designer, for now.

Anyway, I was totally sidetracked by Caggie’s stonking jewellery…

The turquoise rings Caggie wears with the hand chain really set if off – full marks

I’m a big fan of wearing many rings (espesh turquoise ones) and am now desperate to own the two finger hand chain Caggie was wearing last night. Yes – it’s from Urban Outfitters, but you’d better be double quick as it is bound to sell out…

*Runs out of office to buy immediately*

Behind that well-dressed hand, Caggie is deeply suspicious…
Urban Outfitters, Β£14

Images from Urban Outfitters. Screen grabs from 4oD.

Written by Johanna Payton