Indian summer fun

Once again, let’s remind ourselves that chipping about on the beach in early October is NOT NORMAL. And give it three or four days (allegedly) and the temperatures are bound to plummet to normal seasonal levels.

But at the weekend, along with approx 300,000 other nutters, me and my girls went to meet a friend at the seaside – and I got to wear that Miu Miu-esque dress from South at Littlewoods (!) I’d been salivating overand my bikini (unprecedented).

There were many, many cocktails, Travel Lodge Tapas and a nightclub en route home. Not all of it is fit to print (I was too tipsy to operate my camera by the end of the night – and I’m still hungover) but here’s what I did manage to capture of our Grand Day Out…

One busy October 1st beach
We hadn’t consumed too many cocktails at this stage…
Wee aeroplanes drawing love hearts in the sky always adds a certain somethin’ somethin’
I spy serious cocktails at Hotel du Vin – a round of “Life’s a Gamble”

“Rose Petals” – chin chin
You know things are getting serious when you slip down a little hole in the Latino Cantina (?)…
…and when Cava Sangria tastes this good
By the time we hit Vodka Revolutions there is Red Bull involved…
…and a wild look in our eyes
Written by Johanna Payton