Louise Thompson’s glitter black dress on Made in Chelsea

It seems my Caggie post has caused quite a stir…and in the interests of fairness, I thought we should investigate Louise Thompson’s black dress, as seen in the casino segment of the show(down).

Those girls were like heaven and hell at a poker table. And although I’m way fond of Caggie’s white dress, I hafta admit, I’m no angel. The black sparkles appealed to me just as much and Louise had never looked lovelier.

Just another one of those “awkward” Made in Chelsea moments

Thanks to more Twitter stalkage (what am I like?), I have found out where that black dress was from. And discovered that our Louise has a predilection for high street shopping. (She also shares another guilty pleasure of mine – and Caggie’s – but let’s not go there.)

So, that sparkly black dress she shimmered in? It was no designer buy, girls. It was from Topshop. Woo hoo!

I’m on a mish (as usual) to find out exactly which dress it is. But I have a feeling it’s past season. Don’t panic, though. If you want to copy Louise’s style immediately, try this glitter spot dress from Toppers instead.

Then simply pop on French Connection’s star ball pendant and slightly more than a subtle slick of dusty red lipstick (it’s v effective, darlings – just ask Spence).

Topshop AW11, £46

French Connection at ASOS, £16

EDIT: Following comments and emails, I’ve been trying to find out exactly which lippy Louise is wearing. I’ve spoken to Rimmel, and they can’t be 100% sure, but their best match for the look is shade number 12 from the Rimmel Kate Moss Collection. Pucker up, ladies…

And another stop the press moment – just found this GORGEOUS long-sleeved, velvet dress with lurex flecks from Topshop, that has a very similar shape to Louise’s and is utterly must-have-able for Christmas parties…

ANOTHER EDIT! This post could go on forever. Looks like the actual lipstick Louise is wearing is Lady Danger by Mac….geddin there girlies.

Lady Danger indeed

 Stills from 4OD. Product images from Topshop, ASOS, Rimmel and Mac.

Written by Johanna Payton