Pull a Gaga in Giles Deacon’s tights for New Look

Ra ra rum pa pah…

Do not adjust your sets. That’s not Lady Gaga on a really bad day – or an escaped patient from Arkham Asylum. It is I, Fashion Detective, in disguise.

Some time ago (in January 2010 to be precise) I donned wig, bow and skimpy skirt for a celebrity fancy dress party. I won (it was a fix) but the best part of the evening was prolly wearing those radical bandage tights. I quite liked them you know.

I was excited to learn that your man Giles Deacon has designed a range of hoisery for New Look that includes a v similar style, launching in-store mid-October.

Gold by Giles for New Look, £7.99

Made in Italy there are nine pairs to choose from, priced between £7.99 – £9.99.

I love the Gaga-esque ribbon cutout style above, but for a sexy bit of thigh, how about this cutout lace design?

Gold by Giles for New Look, £7.99

Images and stockist: www.newlook.com

Written by Johanna Payton