Summer in October (and the sexy swimwear for it)

First off, I should point out to my non-UK readers (unbelievable, I know, but I’ve seen the stats) that temperatures nudging 30 degrees on September 30th are sheer freakish on these British Isles.
But yesterday, instead of tucking into the autumnal wardrobe I have lovingly prepared, I was bikini clad and daring to dip my bod into the icy waters of Tooting Bec Lido

Although I’m incredibly lucky to live down the road from England’s largest fresh water, open air swimming pool, the dicky weather dicatates that we hardly ever use it. In fact, yesterday was the first day this year that I’ve ventured through the gates.
Fashion Detective and friend (!) cool down – note autumnal leaves in evidence
The lido is a pretty tasty venue. You should know that Brad Pitt’s ‘pool boxing’ scene in Snatch was filmed there (had I known this in advance, additional security would have been required). It’s certainly the place where the movers and shakers of South London (and some resident nut jobs) parade their flesh and showcase their itsy bitsy bikinis.

And the weird weather isn’t going anywehere, either. At least not today. I’ve got a hot date (literally) with my girls and the seaside is being mooted. Now, if only I owned one of these cute mix ‘n’ match bathing suits by Paolita (photographed at LFW – on a dazzling carpet!), I would be so rocking the beach in it this aft (a nice set of abs would help too, natch).

Bikinis by Paolita.

Written by Johanna Payton