The most fashionable Halloween ever with Lily Vanilli

I’ve already ‘fessed up to lurving Halloween; and this weekend, with virtually everyone out on the streets in spooky fancy dress, it’s more exciting than ever. 
Perfect time for me to introduce you to the gorgeous Lily Vanilli – scary baker, fashionista and all round cool chick.

I first met lovely Miss Vanilli (aka Lily Jones) in the atmospheric town of Jarnac, when I was writing a piece on her for The Guardian (watch out for my “showing off” prose – I write a bit differenter when The Guardian are pulling my strings/paying my bills). As well as being a marvellous maker of cakes, Lily also had some serious fashionista credentials. She made marzipan insects for an Alexander McQueen project and created gory cupcakes for Maaike Mekking at London Fashion Week.
Fashion links aside, I totally fell in love with Lily’s ethos; obviously, really. I’m a vampire fanatic and Lily makes horror cakes. During our first conversation she told me she wanted to make a full-scale gingerbread house. It was a match made in, er, hell?
Lily’s bleeding heart: red velvet cupcake, cherry sauce and coloured fondant (David Munns)
For Halloween 2010, Lily sent me her first book – A Zombie ate My Cupcake. I cannot reccomend this book of 25 unique recipes highly enough. 
If you love creative cakes or horror (and if you’re on the scout for any last-minute recipes for Monday) get hold of a copy. It is a beautiful book and the recipes are just awesome sauce – sexy, fashionable cupcakes with oodles of edge to impress your mates no end. 
I’ll be consulting this book before every October 31st
Recipes in the book include Day of the Dead Skulls, Rotten Ragworms, Blood-stained Brains and Sweeney Todd’s Surprise. I’m having a go at Dracula’s Bite cupcakes for a little Halloween bash I’m thowing on Monday – if I manage to make them work, I shall post evidence here.
Lily’s Zombie Hand Cake (David Munns)
If you’re not brave enough to bake – and you live in London – you can get your batty down to Lily’s bakery on Ezra Street to buy her Halloween sweeties. And if you want some tips for making some cheap and terrifying treats, Lily has also contributed to another piece I wrote for The Guardian on having a budget-friendly Halloween.
I manage to shoe-horn a Cosmopolitan into every situation
Written by Johanna Payton