What Binky wore to the Made in Chelsea cricket match: Black Topshop playsuit

This is the first request I’ve had on Alexandra “Binky” Felstead and her style, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. Two Katies *waves hello to the Katies* asked me to find out about what looked like the black dress with embroidered shoulders Binky wore during the October 24th episode of Made In Chelsea, and (I am happy to tell you) it’s a high street buy, still available…woop!

I’m growing so fond of all the girls in Made in Chelsea, and although Caggie and Louise are my faves fashion-wise, I do like Binky’s laid-back-yet-sexy style.

She doesn’t usually wear anything I’d go for myself (too old, SOB) but when she turned up at the cricket match (how on God’s green earth did they manage to make cricket look sexy?? This, people, is the magic of MiC) she was wearing a beautiful black playsuit with embroidered shoulders that I swooned over.

And hurrah: As binky said herself on Twitter she is “Highstreet all the way!” and the playsuit in question is from Topshop.

If you want to buy it’ll cost you £75 and you can choose from a Tall or Petite version.

Topshop, £75

If it does sell out (quite possible when word spreads), you could also consider this very similar style by Motel at Topshop.

Motel at Topshop, £42

And for a more seasonal take on the look, there’s the Claudia version of the Motel dress above, and I think Topshop’s floral border dress has got a similar vibe going on for everyday winter wear.

Motel at Topshop, £52
Topshop, £50

Screen grab from 4oD. Images from Topshop.

Written by Johanna Payton