When Fashion Detective met Gemma Cairney….

Oh guys. It was all going so well… In the smiley pic you see above, I’d just arrived at Radio 1 Xtra with the lovely Sammi, aka fashion blogger and hauler extraordinaire, Beauty Crush….

Sammi and I were in the house to talk about fashion hauling, and how Style Compare has dedicated a section of Style TV to it.

We were interviewed by the aces DJ (and stylist) Gemma Cairney – if you so desire, you’ll be able to listen to the show again here.

I’d spent some time thinking about what to wear (I know it’s radio, but you never know when a webcam is going to crawl outta the woodwork) and thought the orange printed Topshop dress with shocking pink collar I chose would be the kind of thing Gemma might appreciate – thought it might be a nice talking point.

What I didn’t anticipate is that Gemma would be wearing the same bloody dress. For. Shame.

Well, you’ve got to laugh…

Ah well. As Gemma said, at least it didn’t happen the night before, when she was at the MOBOs – and it certainly went to prove that we have the same taste.

The show was loads of fun and if you don’t know what fashion hauling is, it should provide an idiot’s guide (I’m an idiot and even I’ve managed to get my brain cells around it).

Written by Johanna Payton