Zara Taylor jewellery for Halloween: As worn by Made in Chelsea Millie Mackintosh and Fearne Cotton

a) I love Halloween (longtime), b) I dig novelty, vintage-inspired jewellery, and c) I have just found out that the designer behind this year’s bestest spooky and quirky jewellery has also popped her wacky wares on the Made in Chelsea girls.

Remember the Millie Mackintosh earrings that first got me talking about Made in Chelsea fashion? Well, they were by Zara Taylor.

No wonder then that Zara Taylor’s gothic inspired pieces have totes grabbed my imagination…

The Corpse Bride Collection is perfecto if you need some cool accessories for a Halloween party at the weekend. I’m absolutely adoring the silver plated Corpse Bride vintage ring (as shown above, £16.99) and you can also indulge your gory side with Corpse Bride earrings and pendants.

Corpse Bride earrings, £14.99
Corpse Bride antique silver necklace, £19.99
Corpse Bride long chain pendant, £21.99

If you prefer a more traditional skull for Halloween (!) there’s also a selection of “Mr. Bones” pieces to choose from. And the Mr Bones ring and necklace have been worn (rather well I might add) by Fearne Cotton, ‘sleb spotters.

Mr Bones brass ring, £13.99
Mr Bones cameo necklace, £19.99
Mr Bones bracelet, £19.99

And if you love the look of this funky booty, but don’t want to go for the scares, check out the rest of the collection as there are some truly gorgeous pieces to be purchased…here are some of my faves.

“A nice cuppa rosy lea” necklace, £18.99
Antiqued silver owl ring, £12.99
Emerald city antique brass bracelet, £29.99
Fairy cameo long chain pendant, £26.99
Gold plated swallow and dahlia necklace, £19.99
The brass peace and love earrings as worn by Mille Mackintosh on Made in Chelsea, £11.99

Images from Zara Taylor.

Written by Johanna Payton