Fashion Speak app for iPhone: Never be a red-faced fashionista again

Fashion writer I may be – fashion talker, I ain’t. I can get my lips around Topshop no probs (!) but when it comes to the, y’know, fancy designer names, I’m useless. Remember, I’m a Northern lass who grew up shopping in Mark one and Morrisons (before it was all swish and had enough dosh to send Brucie up in a big wheel). I thought Gucci was a pasta topping until I moved to the big smoke…

Most of my radio work does not involve high-end designer talk (thank the Lord) but lecturing in fashion journalism has certainly made me realise how lacking I am in pronunciation know-how. I can barely read out my own copy if it’s full of designer names, never mind anyone else’s (I’m looking at you, Hilary Alexander). Fo’ shame.

If you feel my pain, you may also share my joy because a new app has been released to save our blushes. It is called, simply, Fashion Speak.

This straightforward iPhone app is for anyone who is unsure how to pronounce fashion label names *puts hand up*

It features an A-Z of fashion designers, with audio pronunciations in an clear, non-regional English female voice. Genius. Fashion Speak inventor, Ruth, told me: “I got the idea when I wanted to buy a pair of shoes from a particular designer but wasn’t sure how to pronounce the name without sounding like an idiot, and thought it would be great to have a portable directory with all the main labels pronounced correctly.”


You can buy Fashion Speak from iTunes for 69p – worth every penny.

Written by Johanna Payton