Jessie J long dress X factor Sunday results show November 27th 2011

Jury’s out on the singing, but the full length, elegant (with a hint of goth) evening outfit Jessie J wore on Sunday’s X Factor results show was utterly amaze.

Jessie gets emotional

Straight after the show I was tipped off that the black lace top design is by a Latvian designer called KatyaKatya Shehurina – a new one on me, but just take a look at her collections. Cor.

But there may be more to the story of this “dress” than meets the eye…

When I first wrote this post I was relying heavily on my addled visual memory, but on Monday morning I spoke to Katya’s office and they confirmed that the dress Jessie was wearing is the Pinot Noir red carpet dress available here for £900 (extreme Christmas treat? I wish.)

Seeing is indeed believing…
The stunning dress by KatyaKatya Shehurina

But I should also note that the designer Hasan Hejazi says the skirt and belt are his.

I may be sparking a fashion war here (now, wouldn’t that be ace?), and the Daily Fail says she was wearing all black, but Katya’s office thought she was wearing the whole frock and I thought the skirt looked bergundy on screen…what do you think?

EDIT: See comments for Hasan’s final word on the matter – yay!

Screen grab from ITV.com. Image from KatyaKatya Shehurina

Written by Johanna Payton