Meet my friend Johnny G, a true style icon – and a Mad Hatter

Good old Facebook comes up with a gem from time to time, and I believe the photograph above is one of them. When I saw it pop up on my timeline, I nearly choked on a glass of Fanta Lemon.

There’s a celeb up there, but – I know – it’s hard to say which one. One of the gentlemen above is a v famous comedian and actor (Rob Brydon). The other is one of my oldest mates, John “Digital” G. I shared a flat with Johnny and his missus many moons ago and he has always had a very individual, some might say eccentric (in the very best sense), style.

I’ve seen John in many guises, but this is by far the best. He describes the look, which includes Movember ‘tache, John White brogues, cane (cane!) and stove pipe hat (as worn by 19th century members of the upper classes) as resembling “a Victorian mill owner or child catcher”.

I fear that his life partner *waves hello to my lovely Lea* may never forgive me for encouraging him in such a way, but I just had to share this pic on Fashion Detective. I mean, just look how happy Rob Brydon is to have met Mr. Stylish. Classic.

Respect to the man.

Written by Johanna Payton