Naughty Made in Chelsea Rosie wears nice M Missoni open back sweater dress

OMG. Was anyone else seriously scandalised by the teaser after episode 9 of Made in Chelsea? I’ve suspected it since the start of series 2 (we all have, right?) but it looks like Rosie Fortescue really isn’t such a good girl after all. Shocking, shocking, tut tut tut…

Still, Rosie looked pretty good last night at the swish (which, let’s face it, was slightly more glam than the clothes swap I had round my place).

Check that attitude

She was wearing M Missoni’s open back metallic knit sweater dress which is yours for £69 (for two nights only) from Girl Meets Dress.

Deffo approve of the way Rosie wore it with socks, chunky books and a gold necklace. Do not approve of her minxy behaviour…having said that, of course, I cannot wait for next week!

M Missoni, £69 for two nights @ Girl Meets Dress

Screen grabs from 4oD. Product image from Girl Meets Dress.

Written by Johanna Payton