Versace in my wardrobe, thanks to H&M

Yeah, yeah, all the other far-more-fashionista-than-me bloggers were harping on about H&M’s latest designer collaboration yonks ago, but when you’ve got a throbbing (!) day job and stuff like seven year olds to see to, queuing up outside shops for disproportionate amounts of time isn’t that realistic.

This morning I had a meeting up town and we were talking about the Versace madness, and how early folks were there on the 17th, waiting to grab a slice of the action. 20 minutes later I was ambling past H&M and thought I’d pop in, just on the off chance.

Of course, the bedraggled pieces left standing weren’t really my style, but then, like a sartorial mirage, a shop assistant appeared bearing the beautiful blue and green vision of leggingness you see above you. They’d been returned, he said, and hung them back on the rail. Another lady was poised to pounce, but I got in there first at a lightning pace and they were mine within seconds for the minature (comparitively) sum of £24.99. I’ll be mostly wearing them as tights with black dresses and biker boots, ‘cos that’s how I roll.

Looking at the collection online, there are plenty more bits and bats available (even this baby) if you’re still interested.

Maybe people just aren’t brave enough to snap up Versace’s signature madness like hot cakes? Or maybe, as a few of my Twitter followers pointed out when I was orgasming over my good fashion fortune this morning, it is simply fate? On this occasion, it certainly seems that the best things come to those who wait.

Luck be a lady tonight: Me with my “Stampa” leggings by Versace for H&M, £24.99

Product image H&M.

Written by Johanna Payton