Butlins part 1: Versace leggings, Take That tribute act, wrestling, a manwich…

Was Butlins prepared for these leggings??

I had a vision this year, a vision of a calm zen-like Butlins excursion, betwixt Christmas and New Year, where I would stick to a moderate amount of the same alcoholic beverage, the kids would take part in wholesome activities (junior fencing at 4 o’ clock anyone?) and there would be no crazy antics or remoreseful hangovers…

Night one, after several glasses of Vodka and Relentless and several more Corky’s shots (downed in numerous varieties including sour apple, white chocolate, cola cube and fiery ginger – ewwwwww), we were shouting “do it do it do it” at the Superslam Wrestlers, getting over-excited at Beautiful World, the Take That tribute act, disco dancing to Bruno Mars, recklessly handing over quids for the kids to blow in the arcade and coming back to the room for a glass of Cava, an inexplicable round of God Save the Queen and a Manwich (don’t ask) – only to get busted by a man in a Santa hat who told me I’d be “in terrible trouble” if he had to come and tell me off again for creating a “noise disturbance”.

If we manage to keep out of trouble, we’ve got another two days of high calibre fun to look forward to…

Fun on “the truck” (I’m after those jeans)
Sweaty wrestle mania
Bit of copycat wrestling
Beautiful World Take That tribute act doing the stool section (!)
They don’t impersonate, they “celebrate” *FACT*

Never Forget no, no

More “showstoppers”
El got right back into Vegas mode with his gambling cup
All good nights should end with a Manwich
Written by Johanna Payton