Butlins part 2: Play Zone, Splash World, pizza, Twilight, Festival…

A viewing of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 to chill us out

Well, we’re still alive, and yesterday was a much calmer day. I gave my £14 New Look snake print dress (sale) an airing, as we chilled out with a lunch of chicken tikka masala in the Sun and Moon pub. Champion.

Having a giggle in the Sun and Moon, Butlins

Then it was straight to the gigantic pool where the boys hit the water slides and I hung around the jacuzzi pumps (that sounds rude, but it’s not).

After Pizza in Papa Johns and a viewing of Twilight Breaking Dawn, I was extremely well behaved with just one Pina Colada to see me through the Festival Show (and a lady in head to toe sparkle giving me serious respect for my sequin leggings).

It’s the Festival show (avec questionnable purple jump suit)
There’s something I didn’t expect to see on the Centre Stage big screen
Rock on
We’re forever blowing bubbles
Time for a cuddle on the bunks (and catching up with El’s Butlins “documentary”) before bed

Thanks to the zen-like attitude I finally managed to achieve for one night only, I’m clear-headed for the final day ahead; the girls will hit the spa and we’ll find out just how delicious Brian Turner’s West Riding pork pie really is…

Written by Johanna Payton