Caggie Dunlop maxi dress worn in Made in Chelsea Morocco Marrakech episode

At last!! Ladies and gents (‘cos I know the boys care, really) I finally solved the mystery of my fave Made in Chelsea dress of the season, as worn (of course) by Caggie Dunlop…

The Marrakech episode was my fave in terms of fashion and, at that awkward dinner when Proudlock and Alice were flirting with each other like little flies and Spencer was lusting after Caggie over the tagine, Caggie was rocking an absolutely stunning print maxi dress.

“Spence, you’re putting me off my couscous…”
“Are you really going to get off with my cousin?” Erm, yeah.

Well, the dress in question is indeed a special one. It is called Fallopian Tube (what a name!) and is part of the Joanne Hynes / Helen Steele collaboration; Hynes (Irish-born designer and Central St. Martin’s graduate who divides her time between homes in New Delhi and the West of Ireland) designed the dress and Steele (artist, stylist, designer, former rock ‘n’ roll frontwoman and mum of three) designed that red hot print – and if you’re desperate to own it, you’ll need to save up £650 (worth every penny if you ask me).

Deffo check out both designers as their work is utterly blazing – as well as Fallopian Tube (seriously, I giggle every time), am also in deep lasting love with their Punkrocker Sheep and Blue Oyster designs. Yummalicious.

I feel I’ll be able to sleep at night again, now I’ve got to the bottom of that one. Let me know if you love the dress as much as I do….

Joanne Hynes/Helen Steele collaboration, £650

Made in Chelsea screen grabs from 4oD. Catwalk image from Joanne Hynes/Helen Steele.

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Written by Johanna Payton