Christmas cheer, Christmas tears…lots of train station action

I’m in full-on holiday mode, here. For me, that means getting into a “mum head space”, enjoying some family-friendly Christmas festivities, and a bit of a boo too…

Saw my pops on his merry way this morning (and that’s all the extended family business taken care of for this year) then investigated the temporary Platform 9 & 3/4 (a la Harry Potter) with my boy. It’s moving back to its rightful place next week (so the Scouse construction worker who took a shine to us told me), so that will be worth a visit if you’re down that way.

And if that’s not enough fun for one railway station, we then spent two hours trying (and epic failing) to do the Lego Christmas treasure hunt in St. Pancras. It is rock hard (we only found three Lego baubles out of 12!) – but a good excuse for me to stick my nose into Accessorize, Oliver Bonas, La Senza and Fossil.

Posing with the giant Lego tree
Don’t forget to switch the (Christmas) lights off: Soho, London

After a customary diversion to Topshop Oxford Circus (where E found me the most striking electric blue sequin top in the Peekaboo concession – he’s a stylist in the making, man), we hit the cinema. I knew nothing about Hugo, apart from that it is directed by Scorsese, and I could not have had a more emotional or wonderful surprise.

Kids or no kids, it is so worth seeing (in 3D if you can). It continued the train station theme of our day, and brought tears to my eyes…

Where else to go next but to Bella Italia Leicester Square for some sustenance (and Prosecco for the mummies) and then onward, to M&M World London (where they do not appear to sell M&M pretzels – what kind of an M&M World is that??)

Bella blokes
Is the green girl in heels meant to be John, Paul, George or Ringo?
On the buses

And after a gruelling schlep around Hamleys, we sealed the deal with a quick stop in H&M Kids for a Superman jumper and a pair of rocket red Lightning McQueen trousers. Wowsers.

Written by Johanna Payton