Sam Ubhi jewellery – at House of Fraser eBay outlet shop and ASOS

Just had a v exciting little moment whilst writing my blog for eBay. House of Fraser is flogging this gorgeous pendant by Sam Ubhi via the eBay Fashion Outlet.

Sam Ubhi is one of my fave jewellers – and I actually own the pendant above, although mine has a little green gem attached too (me and green, huh?) In addition to the fact that Sam’s jewels are funky, chunky and very charm-y (just the way I like my bling), her showroom is based slap-bang on the route I take to walk my lad home from school (I love that there is always the temptation to overspend on lush goodies, even on the school run).

As well as House of Fraser, Ubhi is also stocked at ASOS and I can’t recommend her booty highly enough…

Cluster charm necklace by Sam Ubhi @ ASOS, £40
Silver heart bracelet by Sam Ubhi @ ASOS, £65

Drop bead earrings by Sam Ubhi @ ASOS, £28
Cluster charm necklace by Sam Ubhi @ ASOS, £25

Vintage button bracelet by Sam Ubhi @ ASOS, £18

Images from eBay Fashion Outlet and ASOS

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Written by Johanna Payton