Can we talk food, more food and Sherlock Holmes?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m well into stuffing my boat race at the weekend and this one was no exception….

In Cambridge, with the ladies, we hit Browns and I consumed a delicious selection of cocktails including a “rivoting raspberry”, “pretty in peach” and “coconut passion”. On top of that killer concoction I scoffed the main event (above): Belly of pork with sage pesto and onion jus, curly kale, crackling and – wait for it – a cauliflower cheese bread and butter pudding. Jeepers creepers. It was as good as it looks and sounds, kids. Mmmmmmmm.

Today was family time and what better way to spend it than watching Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. There is deffo something for everyone in this movie. Action and wit (for the kids), style and substance (for the parents), Robert Downey Junior (for me).

With three appetites all worked-up, it was off to Bodean’s BBQ in Clapham for a Sunday evening feast; the perfect slice of Americana to finish off a top weekend…

Written by Johanna Payton