Dressipi App beats the fashion headache of vanity sizing

Wowserino – how much do I love this app??

Launching today, Dressipi is basically a size converter to use when shopping for garms (what else would you be shopping for?), particularly online.

We all know vanity sizing exists, but it’s only when you see the figures spelled out that you really get a sense of how widely (‘scuse the pun) shop sizing varies. According to Dressipi, a woman with a 35 inch bust, 27 inch waist and 38 inch hips is a size 8 in Zara and a size 12 in H&M (you don’t know how releived this makes me feel after my last bout of sale shopping).

And while it’s baffling (and annoying) enough on the shop floor, realising the disparity in brand sizing is so big makes online shopping more daunting than it needs to be.

So, this ‘ere Dressipi Size Finder business basically helps women buy the right size in each piece they love from each brand – no more trying on a size 10 in one shop and feeling like a supermodel, only to barely get your bum in a size 12 next door.

And best of all, it’s free.

Dressipi co-founder Sarah McVittie reckons she “set up Dressipi with the sole purpose of helping women navigate through the increasing choice of clothes online, to find clothes that will make them look and feel fabulous always. We believe that fashion is a democracy. We are making the luxury of personal styling accessible to everyone no matter what their age, shape, budget or location. Most importantly, it’s giving women the knowledge to know how to shop with confidence.”

I can get with that – and have just downloaded Dressipi for free – it’s deffo the most useful fashion app I’ve come across since Fashion Speak.

Get on it, girls.

Images from Dressipi

Written by Johanna Payton