My answer to the January blues…

Forget the blues and get with the January silvers: Coast, £79.99 (sale price)

The first week of January is uaually the pits – there’s no getting around it. I remember a few years back (six to be exact) reaching my lowest ebb on January 3rd. E was a baby – a baby who never stopped wailing – and I found myself pushing a pram around Wandsworth Common in the dark, cold and rain, desperate for him to sleep, circumnavigating the discarded, browning Christmas trees and weeping over the fact that my figure/dress sense/career/bank balance would never recover from the trauma of new motherhood….

I was wrong.

Two years ago to this very day, I cemented my “recovery” by starting Fashion Detective. It isn’t my first foray into blogging by any means, but it is by far my most enjoyable. And there hasn’t been a second of regret, even if I border on the obsessive about it.

This year, with E quietly doing his holiday homework at my side (he’s just as prone to last minute-itis as I am), I’m happily going back to work. No tears, doom or gloom.

Writing about metallics is my first official job of the year because, thanks to this blog, fashion is now my mainstay. Lusting over shiny, happy clothes certainly beats crying over dying Christmas trees – and it sure makes the first week of January feel a lot less cruel…

Notte by Marchesa @ The Outnet, £299.25 (sale price)
Oasis, £32
Luisa Beccaria @ The Outnet, £497 (sale price)
Topshop, £20 (sale price)

Product images from Topshop, Coast, The Outnet and Oasis.

Written by Johanna Payton