A low key birthday?

The problem is, when you threaten to have a low-key birthday weekend, this happens…

Friday evening – happy hour cocktails were enjoyed at Venn Street Records, Clapham
New fringe, new hair length, new cat print dress (£25 by Red Herring @ Debenhams)
If you’re in Clapham, deffo check this place out – and you must drink a Rock ‘N Roll Star (vanilla-infused Eristoff Vodka, fresh cream, butterscotch Schnapps and honey, topped with flamed cinnamon – cor!)
Saturday night; Gordon Ramsay’s beautiful pub, The Narrow in Limehouse for dinner
Delicious delicious – smoked haddock on parsley mash topped with a poached egg = heaven
Sunday; a private dining room at The Old Sergeant, Wandsworth
A little bit of everything
This will always be known as “The Mallette” (long story)
Everyone got something they wanted today
Mr. Fashion Detective done good this weekend

Written by Johanna Payton