Grand Central Hall Liverpool: Fashion & accessories with Miss Millie and Preserved Vintage Clothing

One of the (many) things I love about Liverpool is that on each of my flying visits I’ve discovered something new and brilliant. One visit, Alma de Cuba. Another time, Jimmy Coburn.

This time my most exciting discovery (in addition to The Dressing Room) was Grand Central Hall – what a place. I’d never even heard of it, and we just happened to stumble upon it, but as soon as I saw the mad exterior, which has a sort of Moulin-Rouge-beaten-up-by-Gaudi appearance, I was through the doors…

Not sure about shopping here, mum

Turns out, Grand Central Hall is now the home of many fashion traders from Quiggins, the bohemian shopping centre that used to be off School Lane and was (controversially) redeveoped as part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture redevelopment.

Eliott found the place terrifying at first (he is heavily suspicious about anything Gothic in case it houses vampires – fair point) but once I’d crowbarred him through the front door, even he was bewitched by the utterly crazy haunted fairground which houses amazing and authentic vintage boutiques, alternative clothing emporiums and tattoo parlours.

The foyer of the building
Inside it’s a like an old music hall on acid – well, this is Liverpool
She’s got the best view…
Still not quite sure what to make of it

Utterly impressed by this quirky bazaar, I purchased two amazing pieces of costume jewellery from Miss Millie, a treasure trove of vintage and vintage-inspired accessories, all at affordable prices. I’ll bust out the ornate owl bracelet I bought (£9!) at Fashion Week for sure.

If you go to Grand Central Hall, pay Miss Millie a visit
Loving the novelty necklaces
Bright bows and funky rings
There are just a couple of vintage separates to complement the jewellery & accessories collection
I might put a paper pineapple on my ceiling…
If you love a brooch…
So many beautiful headdresses

I also dipped into Preserved Vintage Clothing a teeny tiny vintage boutique with some lush evening/party dresses – again, great prices. I plumped for a pleated purple maxi that is getting an airing at a Fashion Week party on Wednesday night, but could have tried on everything in the shop if I’d had time.

Quirky, funky and fashionable
So many amazing full length dresses
Love the Molly Ringwald-ness of the dusty pink blouse and cream floral hat
Vintage as it should be

All images by Johanna Payton – please do not reproduce without permission/credit

Written by Johanna Payton