Serious hair choices (with Garnier Nutrisse British Blondes Collection)

I’ve got butterflies. No, I’m not about to have a tooth drilled or do some scary work thang – I’m off to the hairdressers. My hair is getting me down. It looks too long when it’s straight and takes hours to curl. I need something new. I’ve been dreaming of a style sported by one of the ASOS models, who has a similar hair colour to mine, but do I dare have a fringe?

Last time I had a fringe, I was blonde. Hard to believe, I know. But one of my style icons is Kate Moss (definitely my favourite blonde of all time), and her lovely blonde locks were then sporting a blunt fringe that I wanted to copy as well as her colour, which constantly changes, subtly, to suit her style. Love that.

Me (centre) avec blondeness and fringe – I’m wearing Kate Moss at Topshop pinstripe trousers, illustrating my devotion to the lady herself

My transition from brunette to blonde was a slow one – I wasn’t quite as brave then as I am now. These days I’m willing to march into a salon with a photo and say “do that!”, and I trust the good advice of my stylist who has refused to meet my whims on occasion. If he knows that a style just won’t suit me, he’s honest about it, downing his scissors when necessary (I am more than prepared for that to happen today).

My last blonde spell took ages to achieve as I kept getting highlights until I was pretty much there with a Kate-esque level of golden lockage. If I ever go blonde again, I’m not messing about. Having discovered the benefits of having my ridiculously big barnet done with a permanent colour, rather than spending hours having highlights/lowlights applied, I ain’t going back.

And if I was doing the colour myself, I’d definitely need some coaching. As per the in-depth bangs discussions I’ll be having this aft, I’d want to know exactly which shade is going to suit my style, my skin tone and my (gulp) age.

If you’re thinking of changing your shade, this colour consultation vid for the new Garnier Nutrisse British Blondes Collection is very handy. Love the advice on matching your jewellery to your shade – the kind of stuff you wouldn’t necessarily consider (well, I wouldn’t anyway).

Wish me luck today!

This post has been sponsored by Garnier Nutrisse Crème hair colour.

Written by Johanna Payton