Friday, 24 February 2012

Serious hair choices (with Garnier Nutrisse British Blondes Collection)

I've got butterflies. No, I'm not about to have a tooth drilled or do some scary work thang - I'm off to the hairdressers. My hair is getting me down. It looks too long when it's straight and takes hours to curl. I need something new. I've been dreaming of a style sported by one of the ASOS models, who has a similar hair colour to mine, but do I dare have a fringe?

Last time I had a fringe, I was blonde. Hard to believe, I know. But one of my style icons is Kate Moss (definitely my favourite blonde of all time), and her lovely blonde locks were then sporting a blunt fringe that I wanted to copy as well as her colour, which constantly changes, subtly, to suit her style. Love that.

Me (centre) avec blondeness and fringe - I'm wearing Kate Moss at Topshop pinstripe trousers, illustrating my devotion to the lady herself

My transition from brunette to blonde was a slow one - I wasn't quite as brave then as I am now. These days I'm willing to march into a salon with a photo and say "do that!", and I trust the good advice of my stylist who has refused to meet my whims on occasion. If he knows that a style just won't suit me, he's honest about it, downing his scissors when necessary (I am more than prepared for that to happen today).

My last blonde spell took ages to achieve as I kept getting highlights until I was pretty much there with a Kate-esque level of golden lockage. If I ever go blonde again, I'm not messing about. Having discovered the benefits of having my ridiculously big barnet done with a permanent colour, rather than spending hours having highlights/lowlights applied, I ain't going back.

And if I was doing the colour myself, I'd definitely need some coaching. As per the in-depth bangs discussions I'll be having this aft, I'd want to know exactly which shade is going to suit my style, my skin tone and my (gulp) age.

If you're thinking of changing your shade, this colour consultation vid for the new Garnier Nutrisse British Blondes Collection is very handy. Love the advice on matching your jewellery to your shade - the kind of stuff you wouldn't necessarily consider (well, I wouldn't anyway).

Wish me luck today!

This post has been sponsored by Garnier Nutrisse Crème hair colour.


lizzie said...

I am sure that a fringe will suit you (as you have had one before) and a change of colour too. As a redhead myself, I have a selflish concern as I am bit worried that you will stop picking out clothes that especially suit redheads (which you do now) when you become a blonde! But maybe you will be a strawberry blonde!

Also can I ask you to consider the following topics for sometime in the future - different sizes in different shops - I know there has been a recent report but would like your take on this.
Clothes in magazines that you can never find in shops (especially in the North) -
Also I have taken to reading the prices of the items of fashion before I look at the fashion in many magazines and don't bother looking when everything is in the thousands - I know its important to see the fashion shows etc, but surely a good fashion editor can show us how to achieve a similar look at a proportion of the price? Or have I got this wrong - that these things are purely for inspiration?
Please feel free to edit this very long comment!
And I am finding your fashion blog fascinating and thanks!

Fashion Detective said...

Thanks for your comment Lizzie - and sorry it took me so long to reply. Busy week! I'm still a committed redhead, don't worry. I never say never (I used to change my hair colour every year, but I do seem to have settled on red now - 3 years and counting), but I was being hypothetical in the post above when I mentioned going blonde again.

Love your suggestions. I think I try to cover all those subjects as I go - did you see the post I did on the dress sizing app??

Mostly though, I use the blog to share the lighter stuff that has captured my imagination. 'Cos I'm a journalist I spend my working life being told what to write about so this is my own slice of freedom. You have to forgive me if it's self indulgent from time to time! xx

LuceGoose said...

Hi Jo! I've been having a hard year so far - I recently split from my husband after finding out he's been having an affair and I have a 2 year old and 6 month old, so it's been a stressful time to put it mildly. Anyway, I am seriously thinking of changing my hair - not cutting a fringe (although I have to say, your's looks fabulous!) but going from washed out blonde highlights to red! I am intrigued to read that you go for an overall permanent colour. Do you know what the name is of the shade you go for? I love it! Thanks Jo, Luce x

Fashion Detective said...

Hi Luce, so sorry to hear you're having such a tough year :o(

I know it's a classic post-split thing to do, but a big hair change really is a fab way to make a fresh start. I go to a Rush salon to get mine done and they use a mix of two colours (I must get the colour numbers so I can pass 'em on when I'm asked, although my stylist says it's best to do it "bespoke" cos different types of hair/base colours produce different results) - a red and a copper.

I love being a redhead - go for it!


LuceGoose said...

Thanks so much Jo. I am going to go for it! :-) xx

LuceGoose said...

Hi again Jo, I hope you don't mind me asking you another question! I love your style and your blog and think it's fab you have such confidence to go for it with the clothes you wear and your vibrant hair. Since becoming a Mum, and especially since my marriage break up, I've lost a lot of self confidence in the way I look. I'm actually really lucky to be tallish (5 foot 7) and slim ( in fact v slim since on heartbreak diet!) and I know I can pull off skinny jeans no problem, I just haven't got the confidence to wear cool clothes, even though I'd love to and find it easy to work out what'd suit other people. I live in a uniform of boyfriend jeans , grey hoody and no makeup. I have very little time to myself too with such young kids but I do know I could find an extra 10 mins by spending less time making sure the house was always clean and organised, I've just got into the habit of putting myself at the bottom of the list of "things to do". Have you got any tips on how to start being more stylish and finding some clothes confidence (both on a budget and when you've not got much time)? I know you're a Mum too Jo and that it can be done! Thank you, Luce x

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