A day out at the 02…and a bit of Marcus Collins doing Seven Nation Army

I’ve got a golden ticket.

Today is a big day for the Mini Fashion Detective (who is now almost the same height as me, so I’m gonna hafta stop calling him “mini”). He be singing tonight at the 02 with Young Voices, a nationwide choir that gives kiddies the chance to sing in front of an arena audience as the back-up to some groovy pop stars. Cor, it weren’t like this in my day.

In a thinly veiled attempt to get backstage with the likes of Alexandra Burke, I have volunteered as a helper and am heading down there now to chaperone the kids (who’s willing to bet they end up looking after me?)

As you can see, I’ve kept the dress code as casual as it gets…

Laid back and low key in a horse jumper and a cat print dress

We don’t know yet who the kids will be singing with, but I’m holding out for Marcus Collins, my X Factor fave.

And on that note, I’ll leave you with this in case you haven’t heard/seen it yet; Marcus does the White Stripes. That’s me boy!

Written by Johanna Payton