A night of being the singer’s missus

Well, that photo kind of sums up my night. After a quick dash into Covent Garden, I witnessed Mr. Fashion Detective and his merry band, The Lola Jones, perform at a charity event in Henry’s Bar (see clip below – it’s the 80s!), and in spite of hastily consumed vodka Red Bulls and a mystery shot, I’m pleased to report that I did not fall, nor suffer a blister, in my new and effin’ amazeballs Kurt Geiger heels.

The delish shoes were busted out with that ASOS dress I telled you about and Primark’s finest orange tights. Bright and bold, just how I like it. It’s my failing as a “fashion blogger”, but I’m rubbish at asking my friends and family to take a decent pic of me to show you, but as I am hardly model standard, I’m sure you’d rather let your imagination fill in the gaps, anyway.

I’m not shy about taking pics of others, though – particularly a “man band” as devilishly handsome as the Lolas…

The Lola Jones
Bob, bass
David, drums
Richard, keyboards (and exemplary beard). Graham, guitar.
Matt (aka Mr. Fashion Detective), guitar and vocals
Get that vodka down you, girl (try not to stare at my big, orange thigh!)

Written by Johanna Payton