A night out with the Bootleg Beatles – and their New John

Can I have another one of my Beatle moments? You’ll know by now that it’s an obsession and last night I got to indulge it in Croydon (!) where I was at Fairfield Halls to see The Bootleg Beatles (if you love The Beatles, you have to go and see them – they’re touring the UK for the rest of March and head to Oz in April).

I first saw the BBs in 2001 and the line-up has changed a couple of times since then. But when we saw them in early 2011, with rumours circulating that founding member Neil Harrison (John) was on the outs, it was a bit of a worry.

We needn’t have been troubled; it’s sad that Neil H hung up his fake ‘tache and round glasses, but the baton has been picked up by Lennon-clone-whipper-snapper Adam Hastings. And he is brill skillz, vocally and visually….

The stage is set
The Fab Four
New John
Strawberry Fields Forever
All You Need is Love
My bestest Beatles
Fake ‘tache-arama
Paul’s giving it some
Fast-forward a couple of years
OK, yes, I was swooning
Can you tell who it is yet?
They even did Happiness is a Warm Gun
Written by Johanna Payton