Great new opp for bloggers at Style Compare

There’s a fab new opp for bloggers at Style Compare that I wanted to tell y’all about.

Each month a selection of bloggers will be picked to take part in a Style Challenge. The chosen few will receive a gratis garment which they can style up their way and then go head-to-head with other fashion bloggers to see who did it the best. The first month sees four bloggers, including What Olivia Wore (above), styling pastel jeans.

The winner (decided by the most number of votes they get) gets £100 to spend at Style Compare with a £25 voucher to give to one of their readers.

‘Cos I work with Style Compare, I can’t put meself forward for the challenge – but if you can, I suggest you do. Leave a comment here if you’re keen on taking part, or drop me a line, and I’ll pop you in touch with the Style Compare team.

Written by Johanna Payton