Hop into spring at Peekaboo Vintage

It’s the Spring Hop at school this aft – probs the less said about that the better (think 130 screaming under-7s at a disco fuelled by veggie hotdogs and the promise of a chocolate bunny).

To get my mind off the mayhem, I’m focusing instead on some of the glorious spring buys at Peekaboo Vintage, a shop that I always regard fondly because it has saved my bacon during desperate Topshop Oxford Circus searches on many an occasion – and also produced my favourite ever Wedgewood-inspired 1950s tea dress.

Get a load of these spring lovelies….

1980s blouse, £55
1950s prom dress, £120
Vintage Ralph Lauren, £195
Vintage angora jumper, £95
Vintage cotton skirt, £75

Images from Peekaboo Vintage

Written by Johanna Payton