Katy Perry wears black watch by Ice-Watch in Part of Me video

Appazza, next Thursday (a day when I’m in-house all day and then manning the bar at my son’s school production), is the day when about 15 events I reeeeally want to go to take place. Buggeration indeed.

One of the shindigs I’ve been invited to is for Ice-Watch, a Belgian brand producing chunky, funky timepieces. I love a big, fat watch and the brighter the colour the better, so imagine how gutted I am that I can’t go along to see Cathy Guetta (yes, that’ll be David’s wife) launch the F**k me I’m Famous collection in person. Bah!

Cathy Guetta models the new F**k Me I’m Famous collection

Ice-Watch have something else to smile about: Katy Perry is flashing the black Sili-Forever Ice-Watch all over the shop in the vid for Part Of Me. It even gets its own close-up…

I blow hot and cold with Katy Perry. Sometimes I really admire her bolshy style (the blue hair is a winner with me) but other times she just acts like a massive cheese-bag. I feel sad about her relationship with Russell Brand breaking down, but happy that she makes my son beam from ear to ear with her Firework business – and I have even been known to shake my own booty to Last Friday Night.

Katy Perry – icon or irritant? Discuss.

I want that one! The pink Sili Forever Ice-Watch

 Image from Ice-Watch

Written by Johanna Payton