Meet Millie Mackintosh from Made in Chelsea (and she’ll reveal her beauty secrets)

I know how fond you guys are of Millie Mackintosh, and the rest of the made in Chelsea ladies, and so I wanted to share some Millie-related beauty news with you – news which could also give you the chance to meet the lady herself and grab some beauty tips from her…

You probs already know that Millie is a make-up artist, but did you know that she suffered with acne in her teens? And (like most of us) she’s still prone to breakouts, particularly as she has to wear heavy make-up for filming the show (not to mention the constant parties – lucky girl!)

So Millie has stepped up as brand ambassador for Manuka Doctor; they launched the UK’s first ever Purified Bee Venom skincare collection at the end of 2011 and already have celeb endorsements from the likes of Victoria Beckham and the Minogue sisters. 

In spite of the celeb-tastic associations, you can grab this product exclusively from Holland & Barrett and prices start at just £3.49. And if you’re scared by the sound of a venom-based product (not me – I’m into vampires, remember?) this stuff is extracted using a safe process that removes any unwanted particles and also ensures the bee’s lifespan, well being and performance are not affected – awwww.

If you’re keen to know more, Millie is going to be on the Manuka Doctor stand on Saturday 24th March between 10am and 1pm at this year’s Vitality Show, supporting the range and offering skincare advice. 

So if you want to meet a real life MiC star, get on down there (and don’t forget to tell me what’s she’s wearing!)

Images from Manuka Doctor

Written by Johanna Payton