The MAD blog awards 2012 – will you nominate Fashion Detective?

Did I mention that I’m a mummy?

I’ve never done this before, but after two years of writing this particular blog, I thought it would be a good idea to try and get nominated for a blog award; I’ve been practicing my acceptance speech Rachel-from-Friends stylee for about 25 years – surely at one stage in my life I’ll get to actually recite it?

I probs have not a glimmer of a chance of getting nominated for this particular prize because I’m not deeply involved in any of the mummy networks (time is not on my side when it comes to non-work, non-fashion networking), but as I am a mum (and I’m beyond passionate about continuing a love affair with fashion & style post-baby) I thought, what the hell – I’ll beg my readers to nominate me for a 2012 MAD Blog Award for the Best MAD Fashion Blog.

You can nominate right now

Filling in the form only takes a couple of secs. You have to vote for your fave overall “Mum and Dad” blog (see below for my hot tip) and then you can choose to nominate in as many of the other award categories as you like (you’ll find the TK Maxx sponsored best fashion blog award in this section: Pick me! Pick me!)

For best blogger of the year, I have to urge you to nominate Ellie Levenson’s Goodynuff Mum. Ellie’s attitude towards parenting has a tough, uncompromising edge – and she is a superb writer.

And if you want to nominate in some of the other categories, for travel it has to be another writer-pal of mine, Cathy Winston, the brains behind Mummy Travels. Although Cathy (who is expecting her first baby – yay!) has only just launched the blog, she is an exceptional travel journalist (and a friend of lemurs) so you can expect loads of brilliant posts as she embarks upon the wonderful journey into motherhood.

Photography is another easy one; how about nominating my old friend Lel Hurst? Her blog, Story Frame Photography, features new pics each day of family, fashion and music-themed inspiration.

And finally, if it’s family fun you want, choose havealovelytime.com – which is now so popular I’m not even sure it counts as a blog, but I’m nominating it anyway.

If you do have time to nominate me, copious thank yous, kisses, hugs, licks and virtual tongue sarnies all round!

Written by Johanna Payton