An Easter day out – to Bodrum Castle

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Apart from the raki and chodka, our Turkish holiday was incredibly family friendly. The resort was wall-to-wall swimming, snacking and gaming and the local people really do love kids (the constant “checking out” of our beautiful, 12-year old companion, Lily, by lots of the menfolk was a bit disconcerting, though).

But of all our adventures, I wanted to dedicate a wee post to the time we spent at Bodrum Museum in Bodrum Castle; worra place. Kids get in free, it’s only 10 Turkish lire per adult and you can literally spend hours in there, exploring the ramparts and towers (no surprise that “Snake Tower” was the biggest hit with the boys), playing with the peacocks and visiting the exhibitons…

Illuminated at night, Bodrum’s historic Castle is a beautiful landmark; you’ll find the entrance down towards the yacht club
It’s atmospheric (and a bit spooky – in the best possible way) as soon as you enter the first well-worn staircase
Getting an interesting perspective of the grand castle entrance
When you find a sacrifical slab it would be rude not to do a bit of role play (not sure the original dudes wore bright yellow Spongebob socks)
There are so many nooks and crannies for the kids to explore; this was originally a grave (creepy)
One of the castle’s winged inhabitants; as well as chickens and hens, look out for peacocks, pigeons, hawks and, erm, scorpions (zoinks!)
The chapel’s minaret reminds you where in the world you are; we heard the call to prayer echo around the castle walls during our visit and it was a truly spine-tingling moment
Wot no head? The castle is teeming with artefects
The shipwreck exhibitions within the castle walls are awesome however old you are – the Uluburun shipwreck is pretty famous given that it’s the world’s oldest excavated shipwreck, dating back to the 14th century BC (aka the late Bronze Age)
Investigating the ramparts was equally exciting for the kids
And playing with the canons went down a treat
I loved the views, out to sea and inland towards the harbour…
English tourists, English tower – we loved seeking out the Royal Arms of King Henry IV of England
Grrrrrr! Every English slice of history abroad needs a scary stuffed animal’s head mounted on the wall
A fabulous time was had by the (in)famous four
Written by Johanna Payton