Monday, 16 April 2012

Caggie Dunlop gold crosses ear cuff, episode 2 Made in Chelsea

Tonight's Made in Chelsea is not going to be the same without Caggie Dunlop. I'll have to focus on "Channelling-Carrie-Bradshaw-Cheska" from now on show-wise, but we're having a final day of Caggie today to mark her departure, OK?

I'm still catching up after my time away, but hot damn - I need the gold ear cuff Caggie was wearing in episode 2 with all the dangling crosses. Did anyone else fall instantly in love with that?

If Caggie knew what Victoria (pfffft) had been saying about her outfit, she might have encouraged Millie to throw her cocktail in their faces
Caggie rocking some serious ear furniture there

A kind commentator has informed me that the actual cuff is from Caggie's own jewellery line at ISWAI (It Starts With an Idea), which launches soon (watch this space).

If you just cannot wait, here are a couple of similar pieces you could pick up in the meantime to get an equally Cag-esque look...

This gold cross ear cuff is slightly chunkier than Caggie's - but it is "handmade with love in NYC" (just the way I like it!). You can order one of your own from
I'm pretty sure Caggie would approve of this Urban Outfitters version too - very funky
You'd just have to wear this with the Urban Outfitters hand chain (if you managed to get one)
And I must say, as a fan of silverware, I'm most tempted by this Anni Jurgenson draped chain ear cuff with crosses

Screen grabs from Made in Chelsea on 4oD. Product images as credited.


SophiaC18 said...

It's from Caggie's own new jewellery range in her fashion line ISWAI (It Starts With An Idea). The jewellery doesn't launch for a while but her t-shirts launch on Wednesday, or @ISWAI1 for more details :)
Hope that helps!

Fashion Detective said...

Woo hoo! I'm going to be her first customer. I'll add the info to the blog - thanks, Sophia (and if you're working with Caggie on ISWAI please give me a shout as I haven't heard from Will in a while) xx

Anonymous said...

hey where did caggies jacket come from in the picture above?