Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Caggie Dunlop orange shirt and Zara Taylor accessories - Made in Chelsea series 3, episode 1

Catching up on series 3 of Made in Chelsea at last! What a start - the fashion, as ever, was a highlight (Cheska's sparkly silver dress was particularly yumma), Empson is one hot goon and Ollie's Bridget Jones gaffe was a classic.

Just been looking at Twitter though, and I do hope everyone wasn't too cruel to Caggie over her new man? The Spencer thing was a brilliant storyline, but if Caggie has met her true life "one" I'm thrilled for her (even if we will miss her like ker-azee on the show). And there's always her new clothing line, ISWAI (It Starts With an Idea) to keep us company.

Anyway, I'm making the most of Caggie's episode one and two style choices (brilliant as ever). In episode one she smacked it straight away with her mint green jumper - and I loved her white pant suit too - but the silky orange (or should that be coral?) shirt, with skinny chocolate trousers is the look I want to focus on.

Ahhh, the classic coral blouse - one of my fave looks for this summer - I'm also fully behind a button down shirt, buttoned all the way down for that preppy look
The chocolate jodhpurs wouldn't necessarily be my choice, but they look great on Caggie
And Caggie is still rocking her fabulous hand jewellery

If you want to get the look, here are my li'l tips....

This is a gooood match and affordable: Oasis, £40
You could splash out on this baby by Ralph Lauren, £351 at
Or for another affordable - and summer friendly - version, I love this £55 short sleeved square shirt by Cheap Monday @ Urban Outfitters
If you're doing jodhpurs, I'd go all-out for a pair of J Brand's and consider them an investment - these wine-coloured skinnies are £265 @
Caggie loves Zara Taylor (as do I) - and just how cute is this mini harmonica long chain pendant? £26.99 from (and worn by Fearne Cotton too)
And Caggie's turquoise ring is another Zara Taylor creation - I believe she has the Matrix ring II, and Zara's original silver Matrix ring, which I may have to pre-order myself (it's just £19.99)

As for the hand chain, we've had that particular conversation before....

Stay tuned for episode two highlights and do let me know if you want me to find looks for any of the other Made in Chelsea ladies.

Screen grabs from 4oD. Product images as shown.


Charlotte said...

Hi, I love your blog - Can't get enough of Caggie's fashion!

Could you please find out where this beautiful dress is from?,r:6,s:0,i:83&tx=144&ty=33

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I absolutely love Caggie's style and I especially love her jewelery. So, could you please tell me where her cross ear chain is from? she wore it in episode 2of season 3. It was stunning and I've looked everywhere with no avail.

Fashion Detective said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

No one seems to know where Caggie's dress is from which suggests she got it somewhere random, as if it was a designer or label dress that had been gifted to her, it would have probably been mentioned in the red carpet coverage. She often buys stuff from markets, borrows things from friends and wears past season clothes so you can't always copy her exactly I'm afraid, but it's better to be inspired by her anyway and interpret in your own way.

Same with the cross. Lots of people asked me about it last year and I did ask Caggie's manager but I think he said she couldn;t remember. Sometimes Caggie and her manager drop by here to see what people are asking after, so you may yet get your answer...


Olivia-Zara said...

Any other places within a students range for her coral blouse

In this recession, Ralph Lauren wouldn't be an ideal option for a long sleeve collared blouse

Fashion Detective said...

Of course! Not exactly the same but you could style them all up beautifully...(the first is the best - think I'll add it to the post):[212121|208650]&noOfRefinements=1&cmpid=awin&_$ja=tsid:19886|prd:86480{1}~[orange]&noOfRefinements=1

Sonic Lover said...

Any idea where her mint green jumper is from? Or anything just like it? I've been looking but can only find cable knit which i'm not that into!


Anonymous said...

Topshop have a really good one that is similar actually :){1}~[green]&noOfRefinements=1

Fashion Detective said...

Ooh that Topshop one is nice! A similar one at Wallis too:$ja=tsid:19892|prd:86480

Please don't forget to post style queries at the Fashion Detectives Facebook Page too so others can help :o)

Fashion Detective said...

Just looking at this brand (thanks to the sequin collar shirt Louise was wearing last night) and found another good match for the orange blouse:

Fashion Detective said...

Sonic - I think this is the *actual* jumper Caggie was wearing (sadly, out of stock, but it's by Acne if you want to contact them):


hannah rose said...

sorry guys, totally random find, but i managed to find caggie's dress! it's from a boutique in chelsea called austique which you can pick up for £395 here >
enjoy! xx