Live blogging London Marathon 2012 part 3: The Narrow by Gordon Ramsay

I’ve been here before, but the atmosphere today at The Narrow, right on the London Marathon route, is amazing. The pub is packed with glam ladies, excited kiddies, sports fans, a massive Essex contingent and me and my gang, natch.

We’ve been here since 10am and the band is just about to strike up. If you’re in the vicinity, get on down here, if not, have a peek at our day so far and make sure you put this in your diary for next April…

Me and The Narrow – one of London’s bestest pubs especially on Marathon Day
The pub is bang on the Marathon route, around the 14-mile mark, and excitement on the street was palpable all morning
The wise guys were here first thing for brekkie – bacon baps and hot cups of tea
And after brekkie was through – and the runners started filtering past the pub – the chefs switched straight into barbecue mode (I wonder who wrote that beautifuly-crafted blackboard???)
It’s amazing to see the elite athletes flash past (front row views here) but once the fun runners start filing by, the atmosphere takes on more of a party vibe, in and out of the pub
He’s got a heart and everything; all hail Tin Man
London landmarks!
So many fab costumes, I could have snapped for hours – let’s let Iron Man have the last hurah (we missed Gordon himself – he ran too damn fast!)
Watching all that physical exertion is exhausting – pint anyone? Pimms maybe?
Another highlight of the day is the hog roast (and the chef’s cheeky beard, obvs)
That is one tasty looking pig – I’ve been so busy blogging I’ve not eaten anything yet today! Criminal behaviour when this much food is on offer
Meanwhile, with athletes and fun runners outside, live music and the prospect of some Gordon Ramsay action inside, what do the kids do…?

Written by Johanna Payton