Matalan autumn winter 2012 collection – a big surprise

Here’s a confession; I have never in my life been in a Matalan store. I’ve heard many interesting things about them, but our nearest one is in Croydon, and I’ve never thought to venture out there.

All that is about to change. At an agency press day last week I got a snapshot of the AW12 Collection and fell instantly in love with the tapestry-esque top above. It looks so vintage (just the way I like my high street buys) and is ridiculously cheap.

So I went along to Matalan’s own press preview yesterday, at the super-cool Vinyl Factory, to have a good old nose at the rest of the collection and I was pretty bowled over by it if I’m honest. There are definitely pieces I’m going to go for when the collection is released, and the men’s and kids’ collections are worth a closer look too.

Have a peep for yourself (deffo worth a trip to Croydon)…

How stylish is this ensemble? The horse belt is the highlight
Given the state of the weather, I wish I could wear this get-up today
This oversized parka would come in handy at the mo too – love the contrast with the girly dress
This contrast fabric dress is ideal for smart workwear
And when it’s time to play, you can’t beat a pair of pink paisley pants
You know me and print trousers; these PJ style bottoms are all kinds of lush (espesh with the faux fur stole)
Love the peacock print jumper too – I wouldn’t be brave enough myself (which is saying something) but it does look good with the gold skinnies
I’d wear all of this, though – really liked the little pop of neon, and I’m a sucker for a sequin jacket
The rusty orange jeans are my fave bit of this ensemble – I love coloured jeans to bits and so glad they are crossing over into AW12
Now who would be mad enough to wear a combo like this? *puts hand up*
I can’t help it, I just love slightly contrasting prints – and it’s fab to see that Matalan’s styling is so bold
I was at the event with Michelle from Sister Stylista – she was mad for this faux fur jacket
This was my fave in the faux fur department (I wasn’t willing to be photographed on account of coming down with the worst cold ever and looking horrendous – shame Matalan got me to do a vox pop for them. Bet I look dreadful!)
And I HAD to show you this – sorry Topshop, Matalan’s detachable collar is much more appealing than yours (and we can all get Made in Chelsea Louise’s look with this!)
Another highlight – the £8 (£8!) animal bags; cat and owl? Cat and fox? What do you reckon?
Once again I was more interested in the flats than the heels – and these brogues are just my colour
Digging these gold studded hi-tops too for a bit of sports luxue
Although everything is ridiculously affordable, Matalan is keen to push an ethical message – one key thing they mentioned is that keeping stores out of town helps them to keep costs low
And Matalan looks after the menfolk too
And the kids – the press day pushed the “family business” aspect of the company
Am deffo tempted to pick something up for El in the AW12 kids collection
And if you have a girl, these tough little numbers are v impressive
Even the homewares were lovely (and owl-y)
Going cuckoo over the cushions
And the Matalan biccies on the way out
And after everything I’d seen and sampled, this top is still the first thing I intend to get – just love it

With thanks to Matalan and Yellowdoor

Written by Johanna Payton