Turkey: A land of even more colour now we’re here

Turkey is a land of colour. From the vibrant cuisine to the sparkling blue sea, from the lush green gardens at our resort to the striking mountains, you’re surrounded by hues. And we haven’t even been to the bustling market in Bodrum yet, where I’m holding out for a riot of colour.

Of course, no country is ever colourful enough, so me and our kid have been adding some extra shades to the landscape…

Much as I’m loving this season’s pastels, I like to add a splash of hot pink, just to mix things up: Pink cardigan from Topshop
What did you say about rain later? Nah! I reckon the new pastel green jeans (M&S) were made for my Urban Outfitters vest

I’d usually steer well clear of nail art, but the lady in the on-site beauty salon convinced me (at least I didn’t get braids); the bright orange clashes brilliantly with my blue fingernails
And just to mix it up even more, how d’ya like that apple?
My gawjus green apple ring is from Accessorize
If you were seven and playing in this aquapark every day, you’d want to add to the colour wouldn’t you?
El does just that in his electric blue combo (Superman top and blue jeans both H&M)
A vision in blue on the beach
And under his Superman sweat top? A Beatles “Blue Meanies” tee, natch
The colourful buddies have a bounce on the sand
As the sun sets, I enjoy a Tequila Sunrise (at least I *think* that’s what it is)
In the Tuana Bar, you just ask for “two cocktails” and get a colourful surprise every time
The colour doesn’t end here when the sun goes down; the lobby is particularly funky at night
And the main pool has a disco vibe…
…constantly changing colour
The boys pose by a very red fountain in the Tuana Bar
Looking slightly jaded post-cocktails, but loving my Miss Selfridge floral tee all the same – espesh with the vintage cameo
The ladies at the end of a very colourful day
Written by Johanna Payton