Turkish delights: The food we’ve been eating in Bodrum

As regular readers may have noticed via the tweaked blog banner, I decided to flag up how much of Fashion Detective is now dedicated to food/life, travel and, of course, parenting in style. Fashion seeps into every area of my life anyway, and going places with my boy, stuffing my face when I get there, and then telling you all about it is just as important to me as what I’m wearing at the time. Hope that makes sense and that you enjoy the extra content (which also gives me chance to practice my – albeit v amateur – photography).

On that note, today’s post is all about grub – feels fitting for Good Friday.

The Ersan Resort and Spa we’re staying at is an all inclusive resort – but do not let that put you off. All inclusive has changed so much in recent years and the food and drink here (and that includes the random cocktails) is of a really high standard.

Last night’s meal was a celebration of Turkey, and here are some of the highlights…

Turkish food is bursting with colour and freshness – and it’s all about the presentation
Fresh bread is abundant – and the seeded “Pide” flatbread (as sold in Tooting’s Nokta supermarket for 50p!) is my fave
Salads are another main event – heavy on the dill (the dill-infused bread is particularly delish, though)
Mussels are another local favourite – in the harbour town of Bodrum they are sold by vendors, with fresh lemon, to nibble as you browse the market
Bring on the figs! They look like alien insects and taste like heaven (great with the cheese)
Presentation: No expense spared
The plate wot I did create (and that was just for starters – I might have to devote a whole post to kebabs!)
There are always plenty of delicious desserts to choose from – the pistachio topping does it for me every time
But this is Turkey – and the baclava is the highlight
Honey-soaked scrumminess
Just a small selection for our table (!)
And a big fat one for me
And to wash it all down? How about the local brew, Efes
Or – of course – a couple of random cocktails…
Written by Johanna Payton