Thursday, 26 April 2012

Warehouse AW12 Collection

I had more AW12 thrills in store yesterday at the Warehouse press preview. I'm a longtime fan of Warehouse and have a wardrobe peppered with dresses I've bought there over the years. In fact, I've got a film crew turning up this aft (as you do) to interview me about having a sentimental attachment to clothes (it's mainly just mental) and I have a Warehouse piece in mind to show them - it might detract from how dirty my windows are at the moment (that is not a euphemism).

Back to the fashion, and the new Warehouse Collection is as impressive as always; a great mix of trends, practicality and pretty prints...

Let's look at some leopard print first; it's big and it's back for the autumn at Warehouse
This embellished jumper looks awesome with the leopard print skirt
Another fabulous leopard print/embellishment combo here; I couldn't squeeze my ancient ass into those skinnies (if I could I would) but the top has got my name on it *love*
The horse jumper is another design I'm v tempted by
This jacket and blouse combo is very structured and very early 90s - not really my style but I was intrigued by it

This line-up of everyday wearable fashion is fresh - and very Warehouse
This is a signature Warehouse print too - but love it in the suit format, rather than a dress; there's definitely a more feminine take on the androgyny trend coming this winter
You can imagine my reaction to this, right? Not one, not two...
...but THREE separate pieces with prints *applause*
Here's the party section, just hanging around (anyone else loving that feather skirt?)
This is just brilliant; the fantastic 20s spin will be right on time for the Great Gatsby's release
And what do we think of these embellished trousers???
I was shattered after all that gorgeous AW12 fashion - but was nervous about sitting down in case I lost my head...

With thanks to Warehouse

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lizzie said...

I too am a long term fan of warehouse as I am quite tall 5'8" and their trousers always seemed to be a good length, plus they are more 'ageless' than 'youngtrending'if you know what I mean.
Let us know when your interview is likely to appear on the screen! I am also sentimentally attached to lots of my clothes - and have thrown away things which I had a negative experience in - eg I gave away a lovely hobbs suit because I wore it to an interview and didnt get the job!