Cheska head chains and Made in Chelsea madness

I felt a bit shell-shocked after Monday’s Made in Chelsea. Much as I love the show I’m a bit worried that it’s losing it’s way. The storylines are moving way too fast and Spencer Matthews’ defection to Channel 5’s The Batchelor, ahead of next Monday’s finale, has let far too many spoilers out of the bag (him leaving Made in Chelsea, as must be the case, being one).

See, I know it’s constructed reality, but I’m not sure I can live with a world where Binky gets this bitchy and Cheska gets unhealthily obsessed. In a soap, it would be fine, but these people are “real” (as DVO would say), and I like them. I’m all confused and let down by their antics because I’m pretty sure they are very sweet in REAL life.

Cheska strikes below the belt (even that dramatic hair piece isn’t as memorable as the “it’s called dessert and apparently it’s sucking Richard’s face” comment)

Thank Gawd for ever-reliable Ollie and his Fake-Baked face – he’s the only constant at the moment. But even he could not de-cringe that ridiculous mini-break to Italy. Why would anyone have agreed to that? I don’t want my reality constructed to the point where I can barely watch these women being atrocious to each other – even the outstanding location was sullied by the bitch-fest.

The only saving grace as far as I was concerned were Cheska’s head chains (a la Nicole Richie, who is a big fan of this accessory). They were both from River Island, but I have alternative options for you too. Just promise me that if you decide to steal Cheska’s style with one of these cuties, you won’t steal her on-screen attitude too…

River Island, £16 – looks like an exact match to me!
ASOS, £10
Urban Outfitters, £10
Made @ ASOS, £45
River Island @ ASOS, £15

Screen grabs from 4oD. Product images as shown.

Written by Johanna Payton