Jasmine Guinness Union Jack dress

I can’t be the only person wondering what to wear for a Diamond Jubilee party? And I can’t be the only fashion-nut who wants to go raving mad with Union Jacks and red, white & blue. There’s just no point subscribing to the whole Jubilee thang if you’re not willing to enter into the spirit, is there…

That’s why I lurved the Union Jack-centric get up heiress and model Jasmine Guinness was rocking on Oxford Street yesterday. Jasmine was all dressed up (with her stunt corgis) to mark the putting up of 147 celebratory Jubilee flags on Oxford Street, including 10 dedicated fashion flags to celebrate Great British fashion. I’d LOVE to wear something like this when I celebrate with my nearest and dearest on June 4th.

Is it raining? We hadn’t noticed.

These flags are the first of 500 going up in the West End to celebrate her Maj’s big day…it’s all getting pretty exciting isn’t it? (Or maybe I’m just getting whipped up into a fashion frenzy because I intend to wear a blue wig, white dress and red shoes at the party…?)

I’m thinking with a couple of flags and a bit of optimism I could recreate this look…

Written by Johanna Payton