Jubilee jewellery – cute Azuni Union Jack bead cuffs

You might not be willing to go quite as far as me (or Jasmine Guinness) when it comes to dressing up for the ol’ Jubilee, but surely you’d be tempted to bus’ out a little bit of Union Jack bling if you’re going to a party, or attending any of the official events?

I’m loving these brilliant Union Jack cuffs by Azuni – and in case you’re worried that you won’t get much “wear” out of them, they’re dead affordable too.

Both limited edition “Jack Beads” cuffs are made in the UK with glass beads and you can order the large cuff (above, £30) or the smaller version (below, £16.50) exclusively online from May 7th. Deffo worth a patriotic dabble, particularly if you just want a cheeky little flash of flag in your Jubilee outfit.

Small Jack Beads cuff by Azuni, £16.50

Images from Azuni

Written by Johanna Payton